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A Container is a term used to describe any item which may store other items inside them. Every character has a Backpack as a container they carry with them wherever they go to hold items. Other examples of containers would include a chest, armoire, crate, barrel, box, bag, pouch or any of several items that can be used to store other items when locked down and secured in a player's home.

Typically, a container has a limit of 125 items or 400 stones of weight, whichever comes first. The exceptions to this include any container secured in a home will have no weight limit, or a player's backpack which has a weight limit determined on the character's strength stat and race.

There are also special types of containers for singular, intended purposes. A quiver is a special type of container that can only hold either arrows or crossbow bolts. A Potion Keg stores up to 100 potions of a single type. A house moving crate is a container created when a house is remodeled. Certain other items, such as a bank check or commodity deed, store items but in a different fashion with different rules, moreso in a representational form than actually holding the items, and so are not considered containers.