En Guarde!

En Guarde! is a new player quest found in the Warriors Guild Hall in New Haven and begins with Recaro the Fencing Instructor.


Increase Fencing to 50


Head East out of town to Old Haven. Battle monsters there until you have raised your Fencing skill to 50.


Well hello there, lad. Fighting with elegance and precision is far more enriching than slugging an enemy with a club or butchering an enemy with a sword. Learn the art of Fencing if you want to master combat and look good doing it!

The key to being a successful fencer is to be the complement and not the opposition to your opponent's strength. Watch for your opponent to become off balance. Then finish him off with finesse and flair.

There are some undead that need cleansing out in Old Haven towards the East. Head over there and slay them, but remember, do it with style!

Come back to me once you have achieved the rank of Apprentice Fencer, and I will reward you with a prize.


Excellent! You are beginning to appreciate the art of Fencing. I told you fighting with elegance and precision is more enriching than fighting like an ogre.

Since you have returned victorious, please take this war fork and use it well. The war fork is a finesse weapon, and this one is magical! I call it "Recaro's Riposte". With it, you will be able to parry and counterstrike with ease! Your enemies will bask in your greatness and glory! Good luck to you, lad, and keep practicing!



Stay within Old Haven to take advantage of the accelerated skill gain buff which speeds up skill gain by about 0.2 - 0.5 per gain.

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