Fortune's Fire Resort & Casino

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Fortune's Fire Resort & Casino

Fortune's Fire Resort & Casino is a casino resort in Fire Isle that went live with Publish 78. It is located at the west of the entrance to the Underworld dungeon, at 150º S 168º W. The rules of the House are:

  • There is a zero tolerance policy for cheaters and griefers.
  • Spamming is not allowed.
  • All pets and mounts must be stabled.
  • It is also a no fly zone.

There is a tavern and a bank inside. You can buy chips from the Casino Cashiers inside the bank, each of which costs 100 Gold coins.png gold coins. There is also a massage parlor tent and a beach at the north of the resort near the shore where clothing is optional.

You can get A Mug of Fortune's Fire Grog from one of the Drinks Girls if you feel like refreshing yourself at the end of a day spent on the beach. Only the dice games are open at the moment which can be played inside the white & blue tent.

Dice Games

Chuckles' Luck

Chuckles' Luck

In this game, the dealer rolls three cube six-sided dice. The bet is placed according to the recurrence of a single face of the dice.

Recurrence Odds Pays
None 125 / 216 (~58%) None
1 75 / 216 (~34%) The bet
2 15 / 216 (~7%) 2 times the bet
3 1 / 216 (~0.5%) 3 times the bet

: Note that while the probability of rolling at least one of a particular number is 91 / 216, the probability of rolling only one of a particular number is 75 / 216. In other words, there is a 91 / 216 chance for your number to come up at least once.



In this game, the dealer rolls three cube six-sided dice. The bet is placed according to the total of the three dice:

Low High
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Outside Middle Outside

Note that the house wins on three of a kind, especially on 3 and 18. While High, Low and Medium pays double (2:1), Outside pays sextuple times (6:1, five times your bet plus your initial bet) on a win, and with 1/6 chance to win, it is the only bet you can break even. If we check the probability density function:

Hi middle lo probability density function.png

High and Low both have 105/216 chance while Medium has 102/216.

Note that the chances above are calculated after removing the chances for three of a kinds within the bets' range. As an example, there is 104/216 chance for the sum be within the range of Medium (9, 10, 11 and 12) but the house wins for all 3s and 4s, reducing the chance to 102/216.

Dice Rider

Dice Rider

In this game, three times the bet amount is placed to the table by entering the amount of a single bet. The dealer then rolls three cube six-sided dice. Player may then choose to pull back one of the bets, or to continue ("let it ride") for each time the dealer rolls another die, up to the fifth die. The payout depends on the results of the roll:

Hand Odds Pays
Three of a Kind 1200 / 7776 (~16%) The bet
Full House 300 / 7776 (~4%) 1.5 times the bet
Straight 240 / 7776 (~3%) 2 times the bet
Four of a Kind 150 / 7776 (~2%) 3 times the bet
Five of a Kind 6 / 7776 (~0.08%) 80 times the bet

Note that the fractional amounts for 3:2 payout (1.5 times the bet) are rounded down.

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