Mounted Pixies

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Mounted Pixies are items introduced with the Evil Home Decor set. You can either use an Evil Decor or Heritage Token to get one. It comes in a set of 5. Double click the deed and target the ground where you want it to go.


  • Each can face South or East
  • Turned using an Interior Decorator tool
  • There is no indication which type is in which deed
  • Each says a couple phrases when double-clicked (only the user can hear)
  • It is rumored the voices are members from the Development Team
  • Use an Axe to put put them out of their misery..errr..back into deed form rather



  • The orange one says:
    • "Lemme out!"
    • "Ph-phleasseeee!"
    • "Help me!"
    • "Oh man, come on! I am beggin you!"
  • The light green one says in a high pitched voice:
    • "Phhleeaseeeeee!"
    • "Let me down!"
    • "Help meeeeee!"
  • The blue one says in an old hag voice:
    • "Halp meee!"
    • *crying* "Plhe-pleaseeeeeeeee"
  • The dark green one says in a girlie voice:
    • "ouch, OUCH, Owieeeee"
    • "Help meeee"
    • "Pleaseeeeee"
    • "Let me downn"
  • The pink one says in a high pitched guy voice:
    • "Pleaseeee"
    • "Let me down"
    • "ouch, OUCH, OOWIEE"

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