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Official UO Websites

Official sites have been created by Electronic Arts, the developers, or by other official UO staff.

Main Expansions EM Websites

UO Fansites


International Fansites


Shard Specific




These applications have recieved UOPro status and are officially allowed to be used with Ultima Online.

3rd Party Applications

These applications are UO related and do not violate the Terms of Service.

  • Character Viewer - Dress and Pose character avatars for screenshots
  • InsideUO - Lets you view images, models, and other client information
  • UOWedding - Perform the perfect wedding speech, highly customizable


Applications that are UO related but do not have anything to do with game play.

  • UltimaXbar A browser add-on for the Ultima Online community
  • Noxins.net - A site full of UO flash games and flash animations made by Noxin, a UO player