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The '''Zyronic Claw''' is an [[Executioner's Axe]] that can be [[Doom Stealables|stolen from Doom]].  
The '''Zyronic Claw''' is an [[Executioner's Axe]] that can be [[Doom stealables|stolen from Doom]].  
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==See Also==
==See also==
* [[Doom Stealables|Doom Stealable Artifacts]]
* [[Doom stealables|Doom Stealable Artifacts]]
* [[Artifacts (Doom)|Doom Gauntlet Artifacts]]
* [[Artifacts (Doom)|Doom Gauntlet Artifacts]]
[[Category:Doom Stealables]][[Category:Executioner's Axes]]
[[Category:Doom stealables]]
[[Category:Executioner's Axes]]

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Zyronic Claw.png
Zyronic Claw
Weight: 8 Stones
Artifact Rarity 10
Elemental Slayer
Hit Mana Leech 81%
Hit Chance Increase 30%
Damage Increase 50%
Physical Damage 20%
Fire Damage 20%
Cold Damage 20%
Poison Damage 20%
Energy Damage 20%
Weapon Damage 15 - 17
Weapon Speed 3.25s
Strength Requirement 40
Two-Handed Weapon
Skill Required: Swordsmanship
Durability: 255 / 255

The Zyronic Claw is an Executioner's Axe that can be stolen from Doom.

Special Moves
Primary BleedAttack.jpg Bleed Attack
Secondary Mortal Strike Mortal Strike

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