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A user of the (somewhat underpopulated) Oceania shard for roughly two years, I originally joined UO sometime around the start of 2006.

Typically I use the original 2D client (though I also have Kingdom Reborn installed and (usually) kept up to date). As a general rule I use human characters, as their "jack of all trades" bonus really does provide some level of reliability in any given situation (and because they can carry more gold then their elven equivalents).

More of a PvM then PvP type, my usual character choice is a tamer/mage. I do have a Stratics forum account, though I try not to spend too much time there - my internet addiction is bad enough as it is.

Oceania Characters:

  • Bomb Bloke - He who belts things with a sword
  • Boris - He who has far too many pets
  • Samantha - She who knows only of spells
  • Fluffles - He who crafts things
  • Frankston - He who is a crafter/resource gatherer
Bomb Bloke:
Original Client
Bomb Bloke:
Kingdom Reborn
Shard: Oceania