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  • IN PROGRESS: Switch over the calculator hierarchy to use proper prototyping.
  • TODO: Finish standardizing the various spell/move templates.
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Just saving these for later use:

  • Anatomy: It's, ah, the muscles, you see, and determining the tensile strength. Tensile is quickness, only sometimes it's strong.
  • Carpentry: Furniture makes a house something more than a box with people in it, and it gives friends a warm, welcoming place to gather.
  • Enticement: A silly little skill, more like a parlor trick. When the taverns lost their crowds the bards lost a purpose for this forgotten skill.
  • Herding: A sheep has more wool than it needs, and thus placidly teaches more of sharing than ever a human might learn.
  • Inscription: The art of making scrolls is similar to the art of kneading for a Baker. It's an essential. Get it wrong and nothing good will come of it.
  • Mace Fighting: The only real weapon is the mace. Well, the axe is all right too, if you want to do things the easy way. But that mincing swordplay or cowardly archery don't hold none to a good mace.
  • Necromancy: The study of Necromancy draws people in with the promise of power and riches, while corrupting their souls in the process.
  • Spellweaving: Cooperative casting allows for arcanists to weave titanic magic that would otherwise be impossible for a mortal to command.