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Personal Wiki Paradigm

Add content, not complexity. Do not remove or replace existing text or images unless they are incorrect or ungrammatical. As they are rarely ever edited by anyone other than the creator, use as few templates as possible and mainly navigational templates at that. An increased emphasis on form only serves to discourage new and/or novice contributors. There's nothing wrong with long pages, as long as they're organized. Do not remove verbiage unless it is totally unrelated to the page, and even then move it to another page if you can. People put forth effort to get the information out there, leave as much as possible.

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Notes to self

  • Reaper Form description of effects is incorrect. With legendary spellweaving, level 2 arcane focus (lol me and a newbie with 1.6 sw) imparted +5 phys,cold,poi,eng; -25 fire; and who actually knows how much ssi and sdi. The page description would have +2 phys,cold,poi,eng. Will test, but you need a gun to get a circle up around here.
  • unravel blackthorn's exemplar , whatever that other shield is, katrina's crook
  • Basket of Herbs
  • Spring Décor Collection

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