Quest Title Details Reward
Lost in Transit Deliver to Arielle, see QuestStartingItems A Bag of Treasure
The Joys of Life Obtain 3 Arielle's baubles, Found on the Ground Near Arielle The boon of Arielle - See Elven Heritage
Token of Friendship Deliver 1 Gift for Arielle Step Completion Summon Fey

The Joys of Life is part of the Human to Elf quest chain. For Felucca residents Arielle can also be found near Sacrifice Shrine, Felucca.

Arielle map.png

Token of Friendship is needed for the summon feys spell, which is given in a quest in Heartwood by Synaeva the Arcanist. Arielle can be found by going to Spirituality in Ilshenar. Head North to the first pond before the Champ spawn.