Synaeva the Arcanist

Found in the City of Heartwood

Location for Synaeva The Arcanist in Heartwood


Synaeva the quest giver in Heartwood. You will need to complete her quest in order to use the spell Summon Fey. Apon completing her quest you will the Summon Fey scroll.

Friend of the Fey

Part 1 - Synaeva will requst that you bring her:

  • 1 Beads
  • 1 Honey

Token of Friendship

Part 2 - Synaeva will ask you to take a gift to Arielle.

Arielle will ask you to complete a sub quest in order to receive the Summon Fey scroll.

  • Slay 20 Reapers

Quest Title Details Reward
(1) Friend of the Fey Retrieve 1 Honey (Baker) 1 Beads (Jeweler) Step Completion
(2) Token of Friendship Deliver 1 Gift for Arielle (North of Spirituality by the pond and flowstone in Ilshenar) Step Completion
(3) Alliance Slay 20 Reapers Summon Fey Spell