Braen the Thaumaturgist

Found in the city of Heartwood.

Quest Title Details Reward
Bullish (part 3) Obtain 20 Gaman Horns Knowledge of the Legenday Minotaur
Lost Civilization (part 4) Obtain 3 Minotaur Artifacts from the Labyrinth A Strongbox
Unholy Construct Slay 10 Golems A large bag of treasure
  • Kill Gamans in Tokuno (Isamu-jima) to obtain the Gaman Horns. A Gaman has 0, 1 or 2 horns on its corpse.
  • The Minotaur Artifacts are yellow hued vases and cauldrons, which are found in the center of the Labyrinth. They are difficult to get to. The ability to stealth will be a great advantage.

See Lorekeeper Broolol the Keeper of Tradition for first part of the "Knowledge of the Legenday Minotaur" quest.

Basara's Notes on survival: The "Lost Civilization" quest is EXTREMELY dangerous, as the Artifacts are deep within the Labyrinth dungeon, beyond the Miasma, Rend & Pyre named creatures. Dangerous even for a stealther, as one wrong move that drops the stealth is likely to result in quick death, especially from Reptalons and Rend (who is a named Reptalon of great power). If you don't have a stealther, hire one to get the artifacts for you, or buy them off a vendor. The Artifacts resemble stonecrafted vases, etc., of a specific color. Anyone can pick up a Minotaur Artifact, and they show as items on ground if CTRL-SHIFT is held, to differentiate them from "scenery" items they resemble that cannot be picked up.