Doom lever puzzle

Location where the Doom lever puzzle can be found.

The Doom lever puzzle is a puzzle located in the dungeon Doom that requires 5 people to complete. It allows access to a hidden room where the Lamp Post and The Inquisitor's Resolution artifacts spawn.

Solving the puzzle

To complete the puzzle, the player to be teleported to the secret room must have Grandmaster or higher Stealing and stands on the middle tile, while four other people stand on the tiles in a circle around the thief. The four people each pull their lever in succession and if the order is correct the thief is teleported to the hidden room. If not, then rocks fall on every player in the area. High physical resist armor is recommended.

To help solve this puzzle in the shortest time possible, here is a handy guide. The idea is that the four lever pullers are labelled N, S, E and W and the order they should pull the lever in is given as a four letter code, e.g. NEWS. Depending on how many levers are correct, follow the appropriate leg of the tree. Yellow boxes are combinations to try, the blue boxes list the combinations that could possible be correct at each step.

Doom lever puzzle.png