Lamp Post

Lamp post.png
Lamp Post
Weight: 10 Stones
Artifact Rarity 3
This article is for the artifact version of the item. For the 11th Year Collection round style version, see Lamp Post (round style).

Lamp Post is an artifact decorative item.


Location where the lamp post can be found.

Lamp Posts can be acquired in the dungeon Doom in Malas. It has a rarity of 3 and therefore spawns approximately every 6 hours. A minimum of 100 (Grand Master) stealing skill is required.

(138° 38'N 59° 37'W) Located in a hidden room near the dungeon exit portal. In order to reach the hidden room, players must complete the Doom lever puzzle, which requires 4 additional characters. The spawn location varies by a few tiles each time.

Color variations

The Lamp Post also comes in 5 known colors: red, yellow, valorite blue, light blue, and a light green. These colors spawn much less frequently but can spawn one right after the other.

Rare lamp post colors.gif

Clean Up Britannia points

Lamp Posts give 25 Clean Up Britannia (2011) points.


Update April 25, 2003: While it is possible to use the camping skill to log a character out in the secret room it has been stated by OSI that it is illegal to do this. If a player is caught exploiting this, action will be taken against their account. There is no ETA when this problem will be fixed. So if you see someone logging in the room simply page a GM using the help option and tell them what is happening (remember to use the name of the player in the page message, that is most important).

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