Empty Nest

"Empty Nest" is a quest offered by Masena The Urali High Chieftess at the Urali Encampment in the Valley of Eodon. It is part of the Quest Chain Uniting the Tribes.

Quest Description

*The Urali High Chieftess looks at you apprehensively, as the greeting Professor Rafkin's book taught you rolls from your tongue The Chieftess smiles and warms to you*

Rafkin say you can help Urali. Urali do not trust you. You want Urali trust, then you stop them taking Dragon Turtle Egg. You stop Dragon Turtle Egg theft, then Urali trust you. *The chieftess motions you south towards the nearby nesting beach*

Quest Objective

Rescue 5 Dragon Turtle Hatchlings from poachers

Quest Lore

Baby Dragon Turtle Nest

Travel west of the Chieftess' hut and you will find a bridge. Cross that bridge headed south, and continue on south to a sandy area with Sand Vortex wandering around. Continue south, cross another bridge to another sandy area, and there you will see nests with eggs on them.

When you approach a nest, three Poacher will spawn and attack you. They are fast, they are dangerous, but solo-able. Kill all three and return to the nest. The egg will start to jostle, then hatch, and three more Poachers will appear. These three will attack the baby dragon turtle, and you must kill them before they kill the baby. When you slay all three, the baby dragon turtle will then burrow to safety in the sand.


When five baby dragon turtles have burrowed to safety, return to the Chieftess to complete the quest.

Watch Out For


  • The first poachers have a timer of 3 minutes on them and must be killed before the timer runs out. If you are unable to kill all three before the timer runs out, you will not be successful in rescuing the baby dragon turtle.
  • The second set of poachers will not attack you, but will attempt to kill the baby dragon turtle. If they succeed, the baby will die and you will have to wait 5 minutes before helping another.


  • If soloing, go to southern point of nesting area where terrain will aid in dodge/attack
  • Myrmidex spawns spell casting Warrior Myrmidex


This quest is repeatable.

Quest Reward

Totem of Fabozz