Green with Envy

Green with Envy is the second and final quest in the quest chain given out by Vernix inside the Underworld following the Untangling the Web quest. The quest can only be done once per character.

Quest Description

  • Kill the queen spider, Navrey Night-Eyes. Bring proof of her death to King Vernix.

Vernix plan is now ready. Man thing from outside make good champion for Green Goblins. King Vernix will let him in on plan. Gray goblin power comes from their god, Navrey Night-Eyes. Navery is great spider. Very nasty. Gray Goblins and Green Goblins used to be one tribe, but Gray Goblins gain power from Navery and make Green Goblins slaves. Green Goblins escape tribe and find own place.

Navery Night-Eyes has big hunger. Always need more blood. Gray Goblins want to sacrifice outside kind to Navery so she not eat them. You kill Navery, you solve big problem for outside kind and goblin kind.

If you do this, you take big risk so Vernix make it worth your while. Kill Navery Night-Eyes.


Quest Objective

Quest Lore

You can find Navrey Night-Eyes in her lair north of the Underworld. The eye will appear in your backpack once she is dead with the following message:

As Navrey Night-Eyes dies, you find and claim one of her eyes as proof of her demise.

Set the Eye of Navrey Night-Eyes as a quest item and return to Vernix.

You do good service to your people. Now Green Goblins will do the rest. Without power from Navery Night-Eyes, we will have our revenge. Vernix keep Green Goblin end of deal.



  • A large bag of treasure

The bag contains some Gems and minor magic items.

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