Untangling the Web

Untangling the Web is the first part of the quest chain given out by Vernix inside the Underworld. The quest can only be done once per character.

Quest Description

  • Kill Acid Slugs and Acid Elementals to fill Vernix's jars. Reutrn to Vernix with the filled jars for your reward.

Vernix say, stranger has proven big power. You now ready to help Green Goblins big time. Green Goblin and outsider not need to be enemy. Need to be friends against common enemy. You help Green Goblins with important mission. We tell you important information. Help your people not be eaten.


Quest Objective

Quest Lore

You can find Acid Slugs in great numbers near the entrance of the Underworld. After slaying 12 of them, you will get the message: You have killed all the required quest creatures of this type. Vernix's Jars are now full.

Returning to Vernix will start the Green with Envy quest.


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