It Makes Me Sick

This quest is a Tier 3 quest given by Percolem the Hunter who can be found in the Royal City of Ter Mur.


Greetings, my friend.

You have proven yourself to be a worthy hunter, ready to stalk the greatest of creatures and succeed. My injury is not healing this time, and I fear that my wife is right and my time on the hunt is near the end. Yet, I still have knowledge of what needs to be done, so I am pleased to continue to guide you if you so choose. Putrid Undead Gargoyles are not to be underestimated. Very capable at melee, they also posses nearly overwhelming magical ability. If that were not enough, any that approach them are overwhelmed with disgust and will violently retch many times.

I saw this not to dissuade you from this task, but so that you can go prepared. Of course, I will reward you with ingredients from my wife's stock, but for this task they will be of the most valuable kind. Are you willing to slay these foul creatures?

-Percolem the Hunter


Quest Lore

Putrid Undead Gargoyles can be found at the entrance of the Tomb of Kings in Holy City, Ter Mur. They're vulnerable to Undead Slayer weapons and only two of them spawn along with other types of gargoyles like Effete Putrid Gargoyle and Effete Undead Gargoyle. They can reflect damage and use Mysticism spells, thus they might summon Rising Colossus or Animated Weapon.


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