Knight's Armor Set

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The Knight's Armor Set is a 6-piece Item Set.

  • The parts of this set were acquired as rewards from the Spring Cleaning 2008 event for 100,000 points per piece.
  • Replicas of these item set pieces can also be obtained from the Clean Up Britannia 2011 event for 10,000 points per piece which have 100 durability and cannot be improved by Powder of Fortification.
  • The parts of this set impart additional benefits when the entire set is equipped.
  • This set is comprised of ten (10) total possible pieces, but only six (6) can be worn at any one time, as several of the pieces are meant to be interchangeable and thus fit into the same Equipment Slots.
  • This set should not be confused with the Paladin Armor Set.

Total Stats


Plate Of Honor (Arms).png Knight's Arms Knight's Bascinet.png Knight's Bascinet Plate Of Honor (Tunic).png Knight's Breastplate
Knight's Breastplate (Female).png Knight's_Breastplate_(Female) Knight's Close Helm.png Knight's Close Helm Plate Of Honor (Gloves).png Knight's Gloves
Plate Of Honor (Gorget).png Knight's Gorget Plate Of Honor (Leggings).png Knight's Legs Knight's Norse Helm.png Knight's Norse Helm
Plate Of Honor (Helm).png Knight's Plate Helm

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