Lost and Found

This quest begins by picking up A Battered Bucket from the ground in Sanctuary.

The bucket can be found on the ground throughout Sanctuary. It spawns with a timer (~600 seconds) that begins to count down immediately upon appearance. You must pick the bucket up, put it in your backpack, double click the bucket to open the quest offer dialogue, accept the quest offer, and get to Dallid the Cook in the elven encampment at the southern end of Sanctuary, all before the timer expires. Even with the quest offer open, the bucket can *poof* out of your backpack and you will not be able to complete the quest.

The bucket spawns randomly throughout Sanctuary and can be difficult to see if you are not looking for it. Using the Enhanced Client, the bucket appears as a green, quest giver marker on the radar screen with "" as a title. However, once the bucket decays, the location marker remains on the radar. If you stay in Sanctuary for some time, your radar can become filled with green, quest giver markers from expired buckets.

A battered bucket ground.jpg A battered bucket radar.jpg


"The battered, old bucket is inscribed with barely legible writing that indicates it belongs to someone named "Dallid". Maybe they'd pay for its return?"


Quest Type Items Required Item Type Location
Deliver 1 A Battered Bucket Dallid in Sanctuary


A Bag of Trinkets