Metal Head

Metal Head is a Tier 2 quest given by Thepem the Apprentice who can be found in the Royal City of Ter Mur.

Quest Description

Welcome back to our shop. As one of our valued customers, I assume that you are here to make a specialty purchase? Mistress Zosilem has authorized me to make available to you a very special elixir that is able to convert common iron into something a bit more valuable.

That we can make this available at all is due to some very cutting edge research that the mistress has been doing. In fact, the results are a bit unpredictable, but guaranteed to be worth your time. If you are interested, I'll need you to bring me twenty each of the lesser four colored ingots, as well as ten undamaged iron beetle scales. Does that sound good to you?

I will need to inspect the ingots before I accept them, so give those to me before we complete the transaction.

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

Undamaged Iron Beetle Scales can be obtained from the Iron Beetles as a loot inside the Underworld. You need to give Thepem 20 of each Dull Copper, Copper, Bronze and Shadow Iron ingots to get the inspected ones. After you obtained them all, mark them as quest items and return to Thepem:

I see that you have returned. Did you still want the elixir of metal conversion? Yes? Good, just hand over the ingredients I asked for, and I'll mix this up for you immediately. I'll be busy for a couple hours, but return after that if you wish to purchase more.


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