Pet Resurrection

When a Bonded pet dies it turns into a ghost. The dead pet can be resurrected by a player, NPC Veterinarian or by the the use of Elixir of Rebirth.

By Player

  • A player needs 80 Veterinary and 80 Animal Lore in order to resurrect a dead pet.
  • Use a bandage on the dead pet as you would to heal damage.
  • If successful the pet will resurrect.
  • The pet loses 0.1 in all skills.
  • If the resurrector has 120 in both Veterinary and Animal Lore, the pet comes back with 20% hit points.
  • If the resurrector has levels in the Compassion Virtue, the pet comes back with additional hit points.
    • Seeker of Compassion: 5%
    • Follower of Compassion: 10%
    • Knight of Compassion: 20%
  • Hit point bonuses can not exceed a total of 200.

By NPC Veterinarian

With the Stygian Abyss expansion, pets can now be resurrected by NPCs.

  • On approaching an NPC Veterinarian, a player will be offered a chance to resurrect their bonded pet.
  • Cost scales based on the pet's Taming Requirement, and is directly debited from the player's bank account.
  • Example costs: 100 gold for 50 taming or less, 12,000 gold for 100 taming, 30,000 gold at 110 taming
  • Does not require the Stygian Abyss expansion entitlement.

Requirements for your pet to be resurrected

  • The pet must be yours
  • The pet must be within 12 tiles
  • The pet must be in line of sight of the you
  • You must have the gold available in the bank

What happens when you meet the requirements

  • The pet will be resurrected
  • The pet loses 0.2 in all skills
  • The pet will not receive a health bonus when it's resurrected
  • The player will receive feedback about the gold debit
  • System message: "X gold has been withdrawn from your bank box."
  • System message: "You have X gold in cash remaining in your bank box."

If you do not meet the gold requirements you will get this message

  • System message: "Unfortunately, you do not have enough cash in your bank to cover the healing."