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Atlantic: Britainnain Coalition Auction House


Catskills: Vamp's Lair

Vamp's Lair is owned and operated by the Children of Darkness guild on the Catskills shard. We boast 7 player-placed buildings within the confines of the abandoned orc fort in Malas. I will be submitting information about each of the buildings, which host various functions and events for the RP community of Catskills. Starting with our tavern, The Bloody Brew.


Chesapeake: Pax Lair

GM Blessed player city located in Felucca. Contains a number of GM-blessed, player-owned structures.


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Baja: Cove Gate Fun House

Baja Cove Fun House.jpg

Baja: Cove Gate Fun House

  • Owner: Capt Coverteur
  • Shard: Baja
  • Facet: Trammel
  • Coordinates: Right outside the Cove City Gate
  • Directions:
  • Type: Fun House & Vendor Mall
  • Operational Status: Open to the public

Considering how complicated this process is you sure made it possible for me to learn a lot while going about getting my page made for a New Establishment. Please review the Baja: Cove Gate Fun House as I "think" it is ready for publishing.

I think I made an extra page. I hope my fumbling has not caused any problems that cannot be fixed.

I love this web site and I'm often grateful to have a place to come for infomation. I will be honored if my Fun House gets published here.

Thank you, Nephthys of Baja Baja: Cove Gate Fun House

Hey JC, I've made the changes you've requested. It's ready to go. Thanks, Neph