Wrath of the Dryad

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Wrath Of The Dryad
Weight: 3 Stones
Hit Lightning 33%
Hit Mana Leech 50%
Hit Chance Increase 15%
Damage Increase 40%
Poison Damage 100%
Weapon Damage 15 - 17
Weapon Speed 3.25s
Strength Requirement 20
Two-Handed Weapon
Skill Required: Mace Fighting
Durability: 255 / 255

The Wrath Of The Dryad is a Gnarled Staff classified as a Traditional Minor Artifact. It can potentially be obtained by killing Paragon creatures.

The Wrather Of The Dryad is unaffected by the seering acid of Slimes.

Special Moves
Primary Concussion Blow Concussion Blow
Secondary Special move paralyzing blow.jpg Paralyzing Blow

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