Each race can have it's own type of armor. Most human armor can be worn by Elfs.

But the armor for a Gargoyle is very special. Some items doen't exist in Gargoyle form. But they can be Altered form a person who is skilled enough in the magic mysteries of Imbuing. Thats wrong. You have to be at least a grandmaster in tailoring and stand near a soulforge. Use a normal sewing kit for items which can be crafted by a tailor.

He has to stand near a soulforge and can alter different kinds of items. The items should not be enhanced before converting it.

Best is, transfer a char to the Test Center and try it.

To start with a white list:

  • Luck Sandals
  • Tangle
  • From the patch notes of Publish 92. Ringmail, plate, and leather gloves would change into kilt form.(Untested)
  • Studded and Bone Leggins in the direction west-east would be stone leggings equivalents. North south directions doesn't work. Maybe it should have the tag artifact on it.

Some items cannot be altered by an Imbuer but with other technics

  • The dagger which is needed to enter the The Exodus Encounter. You have to visit the Zealot in the sand in front of Val Lor in Ilshenar. Shortest way is to use the moongate of Honor as target of your travel. The go clockwize through the cave which is north from the mongate to enter the area.