The Exodus Encounter

The Exodus Encounter is a peerless system introduced with Publish 79.


Exodus by J.P. "TheGrimmOmen" Harrod.

Exodus was a villain in Ultima lore, the spawn of the evil wizard Mondain and consort Minax. The Awakening epic story-arc revealed that Exodus captured Lord Blackthorn and built a mechanical facsimile to replace him throughout the events of Lord Blackthorn's Revenge. During the Call To Arms event, Exodus took advantage of civil unrest and a weakening of the boundaries between planes to attempt to subvert Britannia. Various clues soon pointed to Ilshenar and specifically the Exodus Dungeon. This invariably concluded with adventurers assaulting the dungeon, led by a recently returned Dupre, and destroying Exodus in a final confrontation that was notable for the introduction and distribution of a rare item, the Scroll of Valiant Commendation.

It is revealed with Publish 79 that those still loyal to Minax and Mondain's creation are working eagerly to rebuild the mechanical demon to summon him once again into Britannia. An Arch Zealot of Exodus appeared outside of Ver Lor Reg in Ilshenar, encouraging the adventurers to perform the Summoning ritual:

"Can you feel it? Can you feel the awesome power that emanates from this place...surely Lord Exodus will join us again soon, that's why you're here isn't it? To perform the Ritual?"

The Keys

Exodus Arch Zealot

Four keys are needed for the Summoning ritual:

that can be obtained by following the path of:

The Warrior

There is a chance for the keys to drop into players' backpack upon slaying minions of Exodus or Dupre's men inside the Exodus Dungeon:

The Rogue

These keys can also be found inside the Exodus supply cache.png locked and trapped containers hidden inside the Exodus dungeon. In order to reveal them, they need to be searched using the Detect Hidden skill once the message "Your keen senses detect something hidden in the area.." appears. These containers also contain about 2,000 gold coins, random gems and occasionally random imbuing essences, potions, etc. The keys can also be stolen from the Exodus Zealots.

The Craftsman

The keys can be crafted by using Tailoring, Alchemy, Carpentry, Inscription and Blacksmithy. Check each key's page above for the crafting requirements. 20 Small Pieces of Blackrock, 6 Abyssal Cloth, 5 Taint, 5 Crushed Glass, 5 Dark Sapphires, 3 Fire Rubies and 2 Blue Diamonds are needed, together with other regular crafting ingredients, to craft all four keys.

The Summoning

Exodus Summoning Tome

In order to perform the Summoning ritual, you must first party up with at least one other player. Note that you do not need to party to acquire the keys and each party member should have his or her own set of keys. The Summoning ritual can be performed at any shrine in Trammel or Felucca, except the Chaos shrine. Gargoyles need to hand the Arch Zealot the human Exodus sacrificial dagger.png Exodus Sacrificial Dagger to receive the Gargish dagger.gif altered one.

To initiate the ritual:

  1. Use the Deed.png Exodus Summoning Altar on the shrine to reveal the Exodus Summoning Tome. Only one person needs to use the Exodus Summoning Altar.
  2. Wear the Robe of rite.png Robe of Rite and equip the Exodus sacrificial dagger.png - Gargish dagger.gif Exodus Sacrificial Dagger
  3. Use the Exodus summoning rite.png Exodus Summoning Rite‎ and the Exodus sacrificial dagger.png - Gargish dagger.gif Exodus Sacrificial Dagger on the Exodus Summoning Tome
  4. Once every party member has completed steps 2 and 3, the person who placed the Exodus Summoning Altar must use the drop down menu from the Tome and select "Begin the Ritual".

All party members will then be teleported to Ver Lor Reg.

The Encounter

Clockwork Exodus

There is a moongate to leave Ver Lor Reg and an ankh for resurrection. Clockwork Exodus may be summoned as long as it has not been killed in the last ten minutes. If at any time Clockwork Exodus' Hit Points drops below 60%, additional groups will not be able to join the encounter. If Clockwork Exodus' Hit Points reach again to 75%, additional groups will be able to join.

Clockwork Exodus summons death vortices that drains mana and stamina. It also has an the aura energy that damages nearby players. Clockwork Exodus is extremely fast; almost mount speed and is nearly impossible to outrun.

Like Champion Spawns, a gold explosion takes place depositing gold on the ground once it is slayed. Once Clockwork Exodus is defeated, players will have a chance to receive one of these rewards (Line-Through text shows the original non-replica item's properties, check the individual item pages for more information):

Players will be teleported to a random shrine in Ilshenar if they do not leave Ver Lor Reg within 10 minutes of Clockwork Exodus' death.