Call To Arms

The Call to Arms was an event that took place on all shards from June 22 to June 25, 2012. The exact date and time varied by Shard, as did some of the specifics of the event. It was part of the The Awakening scenario.

At this event Dupre led the characters in a full-scale assault or siege on Ver Lor Reg, the Gargoyle City that was at the time re-occupied by Exodus.

During the course of the fight, Exodus appeared in-person. It was stated on at least some shards that the occupation of Ver Lor Reg was done for the purpose of Exodus assuming or remaking his physical form. Exodus was slain by the players and by Dupre, thus wrapping up a loose end that had stared with the Gargoyle's Redemption scenario from the last portion of 2001. Further the Honor Moongate in Ilshenar was destroyed under mysterious circumstances, thus dampening the elation felt by the Britannians. Also a mysterious book called A Weathered Journal was discovered and copies of it were made for the players, as well as a Scroll of Valiant Commendation.

The city of Ver Lor Reg was destroyed as a result of the battle, causing the Gargoyle citizens of the city to flee to Ter Mur.

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