Arcane Clothing

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An arcane robe.
An arcane cloak.
A pair of arcane gloves.
A pair of arcane thigh boots.

Arcane Clothing is exceptional player-crafted clothing that has been charged using an Arcane Gem. Tailors of sufficient skill can charge Robes, Cloaks, Leather Gloves and Thigh Boots with a gem to turn them into arcane versions. This is done by double clicking the gem and then targeting the exceptionally crafted item. The arcane gem is consumed in the process.

While wearing arcane equipment, characters may cast spells using the stored charges instead of reagents. However, pre-requisite spellcasting skill level and mana are still required.

The amount of charges available per item depends on the skill of the tailor who created them: There will be one charge for every five points of Tailoring (for a maximum of 24 charges at Legendary (120 skill)).

When wearing the maximum of four pieces of arcane clothing, a character can potentially cast up to 96 spells without the use of reagents. While a suit providing 100% worth of the Lower Reagent Cost property is more reliable, human warriors might still find such items useful for the occasional casting of low level spells such as Night Sight.

Be warned - Charging an item will remove the Blessed status if present! (Though arcane items can still be Insured and dyed.)