Bloody Pentagram

Heavy Metal Fans Rejoice!

A Bloody Pentagram is a 5th year veteran reward that comes in deed form and can be placed in a player's home. A player's account must be 60 months or older to place the bloody pentagram in either their home or a home where they are a co-owner.

Similar to standing in an Arcane Circle, Pentagram or Abattoir, it can be used with the Arcane Circle spell to obtain Arcane Focus with the Spellweaving skill, but is otherwise a decorative item. Despite the account age requirement to acquire or place the bloody pentagram, anyone regardless of account age can use it to get Arcane Focus.

The bloody pentagram is returned to deed form by using an Axe.


  • Comes in a deed that can only be placed by a owner or character of the owner account
  • Can be used with the Arcane Circle spell to obtain a spellweaving arcane focus.
  • Cannot be dyed with a Furniture Dye Tub.