Britannian Ship

The Britannian Ship is the largest ship available and was added with the Publish 69.5. It is a 10,000,000 point Cooperative Collection reward from the Britain Library Collection. A High Seas upgraded account is required use them and it comes in a non-transferable, account bound deed. You must donate to the Britannian Waters Section Donation Representative (Fisher) to get these ships as a reward. It can also be obtained through

In addition to it's high number of cannon mounts, two House Addons may be placed on the special pads on the rear quarterdeck of the ship, provided they are 1x1 or similarly small in size, such as Small Forges, Spinning Wheels, etc.


Ship Type Hold Size Cannons Cannon Damage Turn Delay Drift Speed Durability Cost
Britannian Ship 28,000 9  ?  ? 2 200000 Cooperative Collection Reward
(can also be obtained through Official Origin Store)

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