A Galleon is a larger type of Boat. It is much more expensive but may be armed with Cannons, damaged in battle but also repaired with the right materials and crafting skills. The cargo hold of a galleon may hold a massive 12,000 stones of weight (or 125 items, whichever comes first). Commodity Deeds can also be used on the hold. A character may only have one galleon or boat (aside from a rowboat) deployed at any time.

As galleons are the only type of ship which may be armed with cannons, they are invaluable when fighting other ships, a Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer or Corgul the Soulbinder.

Galleons may be painted with Boat Paint in a variety of colors. When first placed in the water, the character is given a pair of Ship Recall Runes. Recovery of lost ships has been made available with Publish 85 and the newly introduced Lighthouses (house addons).

Galleon Types

There are four types of Galleon:

Ship Type Hold Size Cannon Mounts Cannon Damage Turn Delay Drift Speed Durability Cost Other
Gargoyle Ship 12,000 Stones 7 100% 1 2 140,000 200,002 GP
Orc Ship 14,000 Stones 7 150% 2 2 100,000 Quest Reward
Tokuno Ship 16,000 Stones 5 100% 3 2 100,000 150,002 GP +1 Fishing skill
Britannian Ship 28,000 Stones 9  ?  ? 2 200,000 Cooperative Collection reward
(can also be obtained through uogamecodes)
Two House Addons may be placed on quarterdeck

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