Ship Recall Rune

Ship recall rune.png A Ship Recall Rune is created in a character's backpack and their bankbox simultaneously the first time they place a Galleon in the water. The rune will display the name of the owner and ship as well as it's location( by facet), including when it's not deployed (dry dock status).

Ship recall runes are not blessed, but only those granted access by the galleon's owner will be able to use the rune to come aboard. In other words, looting a ship rune off a defeated adversary's corpse will only serve to annoy them as they have to fetch the backup rune in their bankbox.

Additional Ship Recall Runes may be created similar to a house recall rune, by standing anywhere aboard the ship and casting Mark on a rune. The marked rune will take on a hue of the present location of the ship and may be renamed by double-clicking it.

The smaller, older original boats still use the boat key as a means of entry and also act as a rune.