Burned Forest

Burned Forest
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 16 47'N, 62 51'W

X: 429, Y:1433

Facet: Ilshenar
Burned forest map.jpg

Sometimes known as the Elemental Canyon, the Burned Forest is near Nox Tereg, along a southern leading trail from the Lizardman Village which can be reached by heading west from the Honesty moongate. Follow it and you will find a narrow valley filled with twisted and burned trees, populated with various elementals.

Near the center of the valley a tunnel mouth marks the entrance to the Ki-Rin Passage.

At the far eastern end of the forest there is a strange coloured rock. Standing nearby and chanting the word roclasmpy will teleport you to the Void Shadow Dungeon (Not longer working: Drachenfels, October 2013).


Kirin Passage Entrance
Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is also found in the forest. It has the ability to raise one from the dead. If you find yourself in need of a resurrection, call on the tree and rejoin the fight.