Cavern of the Discarded

The Cavern of the Discarded is an area inside the Stygian Abyss Dungeon which is filled with refuse and inhabited by Ratmen. It appears as if the rat-men have connected their cave to all the trash barrels of the upper world. Liquids drain here too, and form a dirty lake, which occupies a large part of the cavern. Any item dumped in a trash barrel has a 1% chance to spawn on the floor of this area.

There are three tribes of rat-men in the location, occupying different parts of the cave, mostly separated by the lake. Each tribe form a Mini-Champ and have the following characteristics:

Unlike other Mini-Champs, those three have only two levels where only 10 creatures needed to be slayed to advance to the next level. First level creatures are neutral and not hostile unless attacked. Slaying clan pets has no effect.

Recommended slayer: Vermin Slayer

Essences: Essence of Balance

Imbuing reagents: Abyssal Cloth, Arcanic Rune Stone, Crushed Glass, Crystal Shards, Crystalline Blackrock, Delicate Scales, Elven Fletching, Lodestone, Powdered Iron, Seed of Renewal, Reflective Wolf Eye.

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