Checkered Kilt

Checkered Kilt
Weight: 1 Stone
Strength Requirement 10

The recipe for this form of Clothing worn in the Skirt Slot is dropped in the pack of characters killing creatures in Eodon. The Checkered Kilt is available to Tailors for Crafting.

They can be Blessed with a Clothing Bless Deed or dyed with a standard Dying Tub. They can furthermore be recycled, using either Scissors or a Salvage Bag.


Crafting the Tailoring item Checkered Kilt
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
41.4 Tailoring
Cloth 8 Cloth
50.0 skill = 67.2%
70.0 skill = 100.0%
100.0 skill = 100.0%
Exceptional Chances
50.0 skill = 7.2%
70.0 skill = 47.2%
100.0 skill = 100.0%
Additional Notes
This item may hold it's Maker's Mark.
The item retains the color of the material used.