Chesapeake waypoints

Chesapeake waypoints are locations that can be added to the UOSA Client waypoints.xml file. This allows the UOSA Client Map to show custom locations. You can copy and add all or some of these to your waypoints.xml file as you desire through notepad or other text editor. You can also delete any waypoints in your waypoints.xml file. You can keep different copies of your waypoints.xml file and swap them in and out as a file when you want different waypoint maps.

This article merely contains a community-updated listing of waypoints for Chesapeake. Feel free to use, add, delete, and update these as desired so we have the most current waypoints on the Chesapeake shard.

Common Locations

These locations are merely reference points for locations that are common to all shards.

Unique Locations

These locations are considered unique to Chesapeake, such as old Seer and Event Manager quest locations. These locations have something special about them, like special items on the ground, unique inscriptions, etc.


    <waypoint x="3150" y="567" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Aryslan</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="801" y="715" z="0" facet="0" type="15">TOWN OLD: Duir of Yew</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="825" y="681" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Duir of Yew Stage</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="566" y="2228" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Highlord Krueger Memorial</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3529" y="1126" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Thalis' Tomb</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3984" y="216" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Ian Stormbringer Keep</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="4052" y="388" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Dragar's Lair Inside</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1423" y="2880" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Dragar's Lair Entrance</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1690" y="2724" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Dupre's Camp</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="694" y="1688" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Good Luck Tree</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1843" y="681" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Olag Hai Orc Fort</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1084" y="944" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Suffering Stone</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="4684" y="1222" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Galen's House</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="4722" y="1109" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Galen's Telescope</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1683" y="3553" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Meteorite</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3173" y="503" z="0" facet="0" type="15">G'Thunk Remains</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3204" y="491" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Tower of Souls</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1396" y="1740" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Britain Invasion Monument</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1942" y="2698" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Ser Brightblade the Prefect</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2658" y="2195" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Duelist Edge Gate Entrance</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2704" y="2234" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Duelist Edge Gate Exit</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2029" y="2879" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Outdoor Market</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3670" y="2256" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Magincia Docks Teleporter</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2085" y="2857" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Magincia Ship</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2048" y="2862" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Magincia Docks Teleporter</waypoint>


    <waypoint x="1339" y="1894" z="0" facet="1" type="15">EM House of Commons</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1409" y="1714" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Office of the Commander of the Royal Guard</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1396" y="1740" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Britain Invasion Monument</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1415" y="1684" z="0" facet="1" type="15">West Britain Bank</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1501" y="1519" z="0" facet="1" type="15">EM Hall</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1490" y="1515" z="0" facet="1" type="15">EM Vladimere Home</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3727" y="1361" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Treasure Hunters Gate</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="567" y="321" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Ice Fiend Plaques</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="4684" y="1223" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Balandar's House</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2040" y="2839" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Fishing Tournament S</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1942" y="2695" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Dogcatcher Building</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2045" y="2865" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Magencia Docks Teleporter</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2085" y="2855" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Magencia Ship</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3675" y="2267" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Magencia Docks</waypoint>


    <waypoint x="1735" y="879" z="0" facet="2" type="15">Poseidon Rotting Hull</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1758" y="891" z="0" facet="2" type="15">Balandar's Camp</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1671" y="875" z="0" facet="2" type="15">Poseidon Fury Beach</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1651" y="871" z="0" facet="2" type="15">Poseidon Rez Point</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1579" y="852" z="0" facet="2" type="15">Poseidon Exit Gate</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1410" y="844" z="0" facet="2" type="15">Poseidon Fury Exit</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1527" y="683" z="0" facet="2" type="15">Poseidon Fury Entrance - VVCS</waypoint>


    <waypoint x="660" y="1136" z="0" facet="3" type="15">Hall of Victory - Chesapeake</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="642" y="1089" z="0" facet="3" type="15">Garden Contest Runner Ups</waypoint>

Player Town Banners

Chesapeake Player Town Banners were added by the Event Managers started in late 2009.


These are currently constructed Chesapeake Player Town Banners locations.

(Current as of January 24, 2010)

    <waypoint x="1806" y="1486" z="0" facet="3" type="15">TOWN: Al Ellisande</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1067" y="1419" z="0" facet="3" type="15">TOWN: Cimmerian Pass</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3022" y="237" z="0" facet="0" type="15">TOWN: Dragons Watch</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1931" y="1156" z="0" facet="1" type="15">TOWN: Guardians Gate</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="998" y="1934" z="0" facet="1" type="15">TOWN: Gyldenfeld</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1392" y="1432" z="0" facet="3" type="15">TOWN: KFC</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="323" y="600" z="0" facet="4" type="15">TOWN: Kijustsu Anei Village</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2197" y="812" z="0" facet="0" type="15">TOWN: Moria</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="947" y="2151" z="0" facet="1" type="15">TOWN: Nidaros</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1754" y="761" z="0" facet="0" type="15">TOWN: PaxLair City</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="433" y="507" z="0" facet="4" type="15">TOWN: PaxOku</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2066" y="2193" z="0" facet="1" type="15">TOWN: Pitmuck</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="2095" y="794" z="0" facet="1" type="15">TOWN: Silvervale</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="3376" y="244" z="0" facet="0" type="15">TOWN: Templar</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="927" y="3663" z="0" facet="5" type="15">TOWN: Torchwood</waypoint>


These are proposed Chesapeake Player Town Banners locations when a town may seek a banner in the future.

Player Towns' Buildings

These are active player town building locations. For those towns with banners, this helps Event Managers and our community find township buildings and also quickly see the number of buildings in the township.

Al Ellisande

Al Ellisande is located on Malas.

Cimmerian Pass

Cimmerian Pass is located on Malas.

Dragons Watch

Dragons Watch is located on Felucca.

Guardians Gate

Guardians Gate is located on Trammel.


Gyldenfeld is located on Trammel.


KFC is located on Trammel.

Kijustsu Anei Village

Kijustsu Anei Village is located on Tokuno.


Moria is located on Felucca.


Nidaros is located on Trammel.

Waypoints Nidaros Buildings.jpg

    <waypoint x="882" y="2196" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Watch Corner (Nidaros)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="963" y="2168" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Deanne's Place (Nidaros)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="982" y="2173" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Rosewood Crossing House of Runes (Nidaros)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="983" y="2151" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Hunter's Hideaway (Nidaros)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="926" y="2126" z="0" facet="1" type="15">Treasure Hunter for Hire (Nidaros)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="918" y="2082" z="0" facet="1" type="15">The Workshop (Nidaros)</waypoint>

PaxLair City

PaxLair City is located on Felucca.

Waypoints PaxLairCity Buildings.jpg

    <waypoint x="1690" y="746" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Mage Tower (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1666" y="748" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Necro Tower (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1692" y="772" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Uruk Peeper Tower (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1708" y="746" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Orc's Breath Forge (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1724" y="748" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Neo's House (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1746" y="747" z="0" facet="0" type="15">PaxLair Survival Shop (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1763" y="739" z="0" facet="0" type="15">PaxLair Defence Fort (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1777" y="672" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Urk Hut (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1773" y="654" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Tower of Virtue (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1798" y="642" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Ork Tuwir (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1771" y="625" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Paladin Keep (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1765" y="598" z="0" facet="0" type="15">PxP Guildhouse (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1763" y="567" z="0" facet="0" type="15">East Meadow (MIST) (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1741" y="587" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Kaar Barashalu Hut (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1725" y="608" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Knights of PaxLair (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1629" y="758" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Vault & Alchemy (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1654" y="769" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Troubadour Hall (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1640" y="742" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Urk House (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1623" y="732" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Lenora House (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1624" y="705" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Ladies of the Lair (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1643" y="709" z="0" facet="0" type="15">PaxLair Stable House (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1673" y="714" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Luigi's Memorial (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1682" y="717" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Pizza Kitchen (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1698" y="718" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Ancient Circle Inn (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1714" y="727" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Pax Wood Shoppe (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1672" y="697" z="0" facet="0" type="15">PaxLair North Tower (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1678" y="668" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Klugz Hut (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1692" y="646" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Dark Refuge (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1693" y="613" z="0" facet="0" type="15">SS Gristle (PaxLair City)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="1831" y="662" z="0" facet="0" type="15">Ebil Uruk Hut (PaxLair City)</waypoint>

PaxLair City also has some unique features and locations listed below.


PaxOku is located on Homare-jima, Tokuno.

Waypoints PaxOku Buildings.jpg

    <waypoint x="406" y="479" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Benito House (PaxOku)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="418" y="506" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Tea House (PaxOku)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="395" y="569" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Blue Swan Landing II (PaxOku)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="371" y="541" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Museum of Virtue (PaxOku)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="444" y="520" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Silent Rose Library (PaxOku)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="401" y="373" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Northwoods Watch (PaxOku)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="323" y="582" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Museum and Tavern (PaxOku)</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="435" y="495" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Tea House Jr (PaxOku)</waypoint>


Pitmuck is located on Trammel.


Silvervale is located on Trammel.


Tel'Ruin is located on Malas.

    <waypoint x="1976" y="1443" z="0" facet="3" type="15">TOWN: Tel'Ruin</waypoint>


Templar is located on Felucca.


Torchwood is located on Ter Muir.

Establishment Locations

These are locations such as auction spots, rune libraries, book libraries, fight arenas, etc. These can be redundant to some building locations in player towns too.

Auction Halls

Fighting and Tournament Arenas

Rune Libraries

Book Libraries

    <waypoint x="444" y="520" z="0" facet="4" type="15">Silent Rose Library (PaxOku)</waypoint>

Vendor Malls

Historic Player Town Locations

These are player-towns of the past... that are not listed in the Player Towns Banners list above. These historic towns no longer exist or are very inactive. Yet, we keep track of where these were. Some places have ruins, special items, or nothing at all.

    <waypoint x="3150" y="567" z="0" facet="0" type="15">TOWN OLD: Aryslan</waypoint>
    <waypoint x="801" y="715" z="0" facet="0" type="15">TOWN OLD: Duir of Yew</waypoint>