Crown of Tal'Keesh

Crown of Tal'Keesh (Replica).png
Crown of Tal'Keesh [Replica]
Weight: 1 Stone
Intelligence Bonus 8
Mana Regeneration 4
Spell Damage Increase 10%
Fire Resist 5%
Cold Resist 9%
Poison Resist 20%
Energy Resist 20%
Strength Requirement 10
Durability: 150 / 150

The Crown of Tal'Keesh is a replica EM bandana, and as such occupies the head equipment slot.

The properties and resistances of the Crown of Tal'Keesh are identical to the properties of the Doom Artifact Hat of the Magi.

The Champion Spawn Artifact replica was introduced on December 18, 2008. They are randomly given to characters who have secured looting rights on Rikktor of the Cold Blood Champion Spawn.

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