Dallid the Cook

Found in Sanctuary

Quest Title Details Reward
Breeze's Song Obtain 10 Fancy Wind Chimes Craftsman's Satchel
Tapping the Keg Obtain 10 Barrel Taps Craftsman's Satchel
Waiting to be Filled Obtain 20 Empty Bottles Craftsman's Satchel
Moug-Gurr Must Die (Quest Chain - Part 1) Slay 1 Moug-Guur - an Ettin A Bag of Treasure
Leader of the Pack (Quest Chain - Part 2) Slay 1 Chiikkaha the Toothed in Sanctuary. Ratman Mage found in the underground caverns. A Bag of Treasure
Sayonara Szavetra (Quest Chain - Part 3) Slay 1 Szavetra in Sanctuary - a succubus A Strongbox
Lost and Found* Deliver A Battered Bucket in 600s to Dallid in the Sanctuary A Bag of Trinkets

  • To begin this quest, you have to find a battered bucket in the Sanctuary and use it. The bucket only lasts for 600 seconds - See Quest Starting Items