Craftsman's Satchel

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The Craftman's Satchel is a quest reward given for the successful completion of numerous NPC Quests, which are mainly found in the elf enclaves of Heartwood and Sanctuary.

In fact, you can't walk two steps in Heartwood without being solicited by an elf quest giver! Which is convenient as Craftman's Satchels are the primary source of recipes by which special items, and even craftable artifacts, are created by players. They also are the source of talismans, which can contain crafting bonuses and on occasion, slayer properties.

Craftman's Satchel Contents

A satchel usually contains: It can sometimes contain: About 1 out of 2 times, it will contain: One out of X-times, it will contain:
  • 1-2 random magic items.
  • 1 Talisman
  • 1 Recipe
  • A profession-specific item.

Some information as to the effectiveness of Luck on the probability of a recipe would nice here.

A Craftsman's Satchel contains items that are related to the profession of the quest giver. In the case of a Bowcraft/Fletching NPC, he or she will give the following:

Alchmey Satchels are obtained by the Grape and Wine Makers near the top of the tree, and will often contain recipes for the following potions:

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