Danoel the Metal Weaver

Found in Sanctuary

Quest Title Details Reward
Instrument of War Obtain 10 Broadsword Craftsman's Satchel
Inventive Tools Obtain 10 Tinker's Tool Craftsman's Satchel
Leather and Lace Obtain 10 Studded Bustier Craftsman's Satchel
Lazy Humans Obtain 10 Foot Stool Craftsman's Satchel
Music to my Ears Obtain 10 Lap Harp Craftsman's Satchel
Nothing Fancy Obtain 10 Bascinet Craftsman's Satchel
Reptilian Dentist Obtain 1 Coil's Fang Craftsman's Satchel
The Glass Eye Obtain 10 Spyglass Craftsman's Satchel
The Shield Obtain 10 Heater Shield Craftsman's Satchel
Tick Tock Obtain 10 Clock Craftsman's Satchel
Spring Cleaning (Quest Chain: Ratmen Part I) Slay 15 Ratmen in Sanctuary A Bag of Trinkets
Cowards! (Quest Chain: Ratmen Part II) Slay 10 Ratmen Archers in Sanctuary A Bag of Trinkets
Token of Love (Quest Chain: Ratmen Part III) Obtain 1 stolen ring (unknown how to get this) A Bag of Treasure
  • Concerning the "Token of Love" quest, then no player has so far been able to complete it. This is because the ring may not spawn. This quest seems to be broken. It is possible the ring was intended as a reward for completing the quest Freedom!, but that quest is not giving the correct reward.