Dark Guardian the Keeper of Knowledge

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The Dark Guardian is an NPC you encounter in Khaldun dungeon during the Halloween 2008 Quest. You talk to him to learn more about what has happened to Leoric Gathenwale. To reach him you must first obtain the Cursed Tome and dip it in blood. A secret message will be revealed informing you to say the word sarcophagidae inside the central room. The Dark Guardian will appear when you do.


  • Guardian - I am the keeper of knowledge of the Keepers of the Seven Death.
  • Keepers - The servants of Khal Ankur in whose glory this tomb was erected.
  • Leoric - He was a fool to think he could take back the souls belonging to Khal Ankur.
    • Khal Ankur - Our most fearsome leader who taught us the beauty of death and sacrifice.
    • Souls - The only soul he took with him was also the source of his downfall.
      • Downfall - Blood is thicker than death. I guess Lysander wanted to be better acquainted with his grandson.
        • Lysander - A most devious resident of the Tomb. He's had a rather busy week. *chuckles*
          • Devious or Busy - He's behind the Skull Totems that have appeared in your graveyards.
            • Totems - Until they are destroyed, they will continue to raise cursed creatures.
              • Destroyed - Only a very powerful substance in large quantities could destroy them.
                • Substance - The creature that yields it has gone into hiding.
                  • Hiding - Search what's left of Leoric's house and with luck you might detect some hidden clues within the rubble.
                    • House - What's left of it can be found on the outskirts of Jhelom.

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