Cursed Tome

Cursed tome.jpg

The Cursed Tome is an item used in the Halloween 2008 Quest. After obtaining a copy of all 9 wall carvings in Khaldun dungeon, double-click one of the Wall Carving Etchings to form the black book. The new book cannot be removed from your backpack. Double-clicking the tome will ask you what pool of blood you want to soak it in. The one needed is located in the southwest corner of Khaldun. Stand at the edge and target the blood. The Cursed Tome will turn red.

Blood stained cursed tome.jpg

The word sarcophagidae is revealed along with here you need to say it. Following the directions summons Dark Guardian the Keeper of Knowledge. The Cursed Tome is no longer used and can be done with as you wish (house decoration, sell on vendor, etc).