Wall Carving Etching

Wall carving etching.jpg
During the Halloween 2008 Quest you find yourself copying down 9 wall carvings in Khaldun dungeon. To create a copy you use a Cursed Parchment. Double-clicking one will tell you what you carved. A system message will also indicate how many more you have to find. When you have all 9, double-clicking any of them will create a Cursed Tome.

Wall Carvings

Each carving depicts a scene.

  • A detailed mural depicting a striking figure standing before an altar. In one hand he holds a dagger, in the other, a skull.
  • A finely crafted mural depicting a masked figure seated upon a lavish throne. Five cloaked figures kneel before him.
  • A crumbling mural of five cloaked figures standing before a black pit, from which rise hundreds of vile, writhing tentacles.
  • An intricate mural of five cloaked figures standing before an immense stone altar, each raising a jagged knife to their throat.
  • A polished mural depicting a valley full of cloaked figures hauling massive stones towards a mountain pass.
  • A crumbling mural of a masked figure standing on a mountain's summit, gazing down upon a valley filled with cloaked figures.
  • A finely crafted mural depicting a masked figure surrounded by seven spirits. The figure kneels, as if in supplication.
  • A detailed mural of two armies in conflict under a black sku. In the center, a cloaked figure strikes down a man bent in prayer.
  • A blood-stained mural portraying a colossal procession of men chained together, led towards a black pit by five cloaked figures.