FAQ Friday 4 - October 8, 2010

James Nichols, 8 October 2010 13:59:36 EST


Welcome to FAQ Friday - Where we've collected together answers to Frequently (and sometimes not so frequently) Asked Questions within the community.

Want to see your question up here? We select questions from UO Stratics and UO Forums, so head over to your favorite forum community and post your question - we might answer it in a future post!

Please keep in mind that these won’t always address major topics of conversation, this is simply another way of sharing info about the game that won’t necessarily make it into a Producer’s Update or patch note.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Booster Pack Upgrade - From Whinemaker

Q - Just curious, at the moment my account is only good for up to UOML. If I purchase the High Seas booster pack, will it give me access to the UOSA content as well?

I'm guessing not, but I just want to make sure before heading over to EA Store.

Mesanna – Good Question, this is a booster pack so you are only going to be buying the High Seas, you would still need to purchase SA also for the content.

Why can't necklaces be imbued? - From Tabby Kapak

Q - Would it be possible to make (non gargoyle) necklaces imbue-able? They take the same slot as a gorget and in some suits necklaces just look so much better than a gorget... Or is there something I am overlooking that makes this a bad idea?

Mesanna – The Human/Elf necklace does not have any armor rating or resists on it, comparing it to a gorget the gorget wins every time. But to be honest we never even thought about making a new art imbue-able necklace since we have gorget already in the game.

Enhanced Bandages - From puni666

Q - These bandages act like a +10 to your healing. Does that mean if I'm at 120 Healing Skill that it will act like I'm healing at 130 Healing skill? Or does it cap out at 120 Healing Skill?

Mesanna - Cap is 120, you cannot go over the hard cap.

Stygian Dragon Head - From Lucitus

Q - I thought this is a bossmonster resource like the dreadhorn mane, but i found nothing usefull on this head.

What can i do with this head? Is there a plan that it becomes a use in the future?

Mesanna – Originally we were going to use this as a resource but we discovered it was not needed. We do have a few ideas for it in the future that I think you guys will like.

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