Fisherman's Trousers

Fisherman's trousers.png
Fisherman's Trousers
Weight: 5 Stones
Part Of A Weapon/Armor Set (4 Pieces)
Fish Bait Strength +10%
Physical Resist 6%
Fire Resist 20%
Cold Resist 7%
Poison Resist 7%
Energy Resist 8%
Strength Requirement 30
Durability: 125 / 125

Only When Full Set Is Present:
Fish Bait Strength +50% (total)

This part of the Fisherman's Armor Set is a pair of Studded Leggings, so are not medable and give the 3% Armor Inherent Lower Mana Cost, unless converted to mage armor via an NPC Mage Guildmaster/Guildmistress.

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