The Fukiya is a Japanese blowgun. In Ultima Online, it is a ranged weapon that can be used by the Ninja with the proper amount of skill. A minimum of 50 is required. Hit chance success is related to Ninjitsu skill level. It is a One-Handed Weapon for anyone with the requisite skill, however, you can even use it while equipped a Balanced two-handed weapon. A carpenter can find it in the Weapons category of the crafting menu.

When equipping a Fukiya, you will see the following system message:

"Double click this item each time you wish to throw a shuriken."

The Fukiya actually uses a dart as ammunition, which are crafted by Fletchers. It is possible to poison these using the poisoning skill. Experts suggest a range for the weapon of not more than 5 tiles.

Creation of a Fukiya requires: the Samurai Empire expansion; a carpentry skill of 60.0; and 8 boards or logs. It will hold its maker's mark and retains the color of the material from which it is made. It can be dyed with Pigments of Tokuno.


Crafting the Carpentry item Fukiya
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
60.0 Carpentry
Boards.png 8 Boards or Logs
100.0 skill = 100.0%
Exceptional Chances
100.0 skill = 85.0%
Additional Notes
This item may hold it's Maker's Mark.

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