Grizelda's Extra Strength Hangover Cure

Grizeldas extra strength hangover cure.png

Grizelda's Extra Strength Hangover Cure is a quest reward item from Grizelda the Hag for completing the The Hag's Assistant quest. When used, it will instantly sober up a drunken character that has had too much alcohol.

It does not display a limit of uses or charges however the cure is only effective for preventing drunkenness 20 times.

The cure is easily obtainable by completing the quest, but one must be drunk when doing the final step of the quest to receive it. It is identical in use and appearance to Jaana's Hangover Remedy, but that item is much older and rarer.

During Spring Cleaning 2008, it could be turned in to Buford the Collector in Britain in exchange for 250 points.

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