Guilty is a quest found in Skara Brae and begins with Natalie the Lady of Skara Brae.



I was born and raised in Buc's Den. Have you been there? Then you know what a lawless place it is. Five years ago, my mother and father were killed by brigands there. I was only a child, and so I was sent here to live with my uncle. Recently, a man moved into town, and I'm sure this man is the one who killed my parents. The sheriff will do nothing, he doesn't believe me. What can I do? I'm no warrior. I can't use magic. I don't have the courage to avenge my family. Please, if you have any love at all for justice, I beg of you, seek out and slay this criminal!


He is dead, then? Good! I can think of no one more deserving. Thank you for your help. I feel that a great weight has been lifted from me. Here, I would like you to take this necklace. It belonged to my mother. She said it has some magic, but I have never been able to discover how it works. Perhaps you can.