Gregorio the Brigand

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Gregorio the Brigand is a NPC located in front of the northernmost farm house outside of Skara Brae.


Gregorio is the objective of a quest, Guilty, given by Natalie the Lady of Skara Brae. The reward for completing the quest is an Amulet of Righteousness.


  • Cross the ferry to the main land and take the road towards Britain. Passage can be effected by saying, "I wish to cross" while standing on the very edge of the Skara Brae docks. Turn off at the second side road going North to a farmhouse. Gregorio is found outside, and will highlight red. He will highlight blue to characters who have either already killed him, or have not taken the quest.
  • Report back to Natalie to receive the reward.


  • Gregorio is immune to pets and summons, i.e. Nightmares or Blade Spirits. He needs to be subjected to damage, either melee or magical, directly from a character in order to be killed.
  • A mage killed him with one Explosion or 2x Mind Blast. A warrior with Soul Seeker killed him with two hits, another with 75 fencing, 60 tactics, and an Enchanted Titan Leg Bone killed him with three hits.
  • Gregorio is easily killed, even by low level characters.