History of Ultima Online

Below is a timeline of some of the important events in Ultima Online history.[1]

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Date Event
August 1994 A multi-player Ultima game is mentioned in the August issue of PC Games Plus magazine.[2]
May 13, 1996 Alpha testings began.
May 20, 1996 Alpha test closed with a true apocalypse scenario when a supposed speech by Lord British and Lord Blackthorn turns out to be a "setup" with the two Lords summoning hoards of monsters to slay the unsuspecting crowd.
June 11, 1997 Phase 1 of Beta Test Begins.[3]
July 31, 1997 Atlantic.gif Atlantic is launched.[4]
August 01, 1997 The Beta test phase 2 started.
August 09, 1997 Lord British has an unfortunate accident. While giving a speech to a bright-eyed Britannian crowd, the King was engulfed in flames and spent some time in the realm of the dead. However, with the aid of his companions, he was revived shortly thereafter and finished his speech, much to the delight of those in attendance.[5] There is a screen shot archive of the incident. [6]
September 18, 1997 Pacific.gif Pacific is launched.[7]
September 24, 1997 Last day of the original Beta test. The beta ended with a bang, as players were treated to an "end of the world" scenario with Shadowlords, demons, and other evil creatures slaughtering every character in sight.[8]
September 24, 1997 Ultima Online opens its doors to the public.[9]
September 25, 1997 First Charter Edition player logs in: The official birthday of Ultima Online.

Great Lakes.gif Great Lakes is launched. [10]

October 03, 1997 Lake Superior.gif Lake Superior is launched. [11]
October 10, 1997 Baja.gif Baja is launched.[12]
October 16, 1997 Chesapeake.gif Chesapeake is launched.[13]
October 29, 1997 Safety deposit boxes Strong box.png in Banks: ".. say "bank" to the banker, he will open up your personal chest." [14]
November 14, 1997 Napa Valley.gif Napa Valley is launched.[15]
December 13, 1997 Sonoma.gif Sonoma is launched.[16][17]
December 16, 1997 Serpent's Hold, Minoc, Magincia, Moonglow and Ocllo have all gained banks.[14]
December 19, 1997 Town criers started appearing in the game.[14]
December 22, 1997 Catskills.gif Catskills is launched.[18]
February 06, 1998 A problem with the skill atrophy counter resetting when crossing server boundaries is fixed.[14]
February 12, 1998 Banks are available in Jhelom, Skara Brae and Minoc.[14]
February 27, 1998 Container capacity has been further reduced to 400 Stone and 250 items.[14]
March 18, 1998 If you remove an item from underneath something else, the above items will fall to the ground.[14]
June 11, 1998 A new free-for-all warfare method exists: Order Order shield.png and Chaos shield.png Chaos guilds.[14]
September 16, 1998 You can now instantly log off in houses if you have the key.[14]
September 25, 1998 Ultima Online is one year old.

Asuka.gif Asuka is launched.[19] Yamato.gif Yamato is launched.[19]

October 22, 1998 Drachenfels.gif Drachenfels is launched.[20]
October 30, 1998 Europa.gif Europa is launched.[21] Wakoku.gif Wakoku is launched.[22]
November 01, 1998 Halloween Special Event[23]: Abyss is launched for the Halloween.[24]
November 25, 1998 Chicken.png Farmageddon shard is launched for the Thanksgiving.[25]


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